As time gone by, one might argue that the Air Jordan has aged the best. Released in ‘ 04 for the first and only time, today’s news tells us about the return of the forgotten favorite.The traction is really strong. Regardless of whether you are moving from front to back or side to side, the footing can keep up. I do think that the current style of herringbone is considerably more practical  but with the overall performance, you really can’t complain.The cushion is practically a similar thing as the Air Jordan III. The epitomized Air in the forefoot with an impact point Air unit alongside a Polyurethane padded sole. It’s as yet thick with some minor pressure just like what you’d generally expected.The PU coated leather is very durable. While I personally preferred the softer leather featured on the Air Jordan III Retro, the leather used here will last you for a greater length of time. I guess you can consider that one of those ‘more bang for your buck’ attributes. Again, I’d personally prefer something softer but as for what was given they will hold up just fine.


Not much support is in place as far as today’s standards but the molded arch and superior lockdown provide you with enough support throughout to make these enjoyable to play in at positions 1-4.For $200 I feel most OG Air Jordan fans will love the product. However, there are some that cannot be pleased and I don’t think this Retro will be the one to change their minds.